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What We Do

We are proud to be one of the few landscapers in Oxfordshire who provide a complete and all-inclusive service, one which caters to every detail of garden design, creation, and maintenance your project could require. This is what really sets us apart from others.


When you choose us, you secure the continuous commitment of a personalised and dedicated team, capable of carrying out every stage of the process - from the initial design plans, throughout the entire construction, to the ongoing maintenance of your dream garden.

While we love a grand challenge, we embrace all kinds of projects, big and small - from full makeovers to just the one-off job. No task is too trivial, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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Core Services


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The Complete Service

For clients who require a garden makeover on any scale, our Complete Service combines garden design, construction and maintenance into a single cost-effective and all-inclusive package.​

So you don't have to shop around for different contractors to carry out each separate stage of the project, or be forced to deal with unexpected costs, diary clashes and delays.


By choosing to work with the same dedicated team from beginning to end, we form a close relationship through which your needs can be clearly understood and implemented, with no risk of your input becoming lost in translation.


We believe this is how dream gardens are made; when not only the final product fulfils your expectations, but the entire process is transparent from the get-go and feels simple, straightforward and personal to you.


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Our Complete Service

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