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We are passionate about transforming gardens and grounds into beautiful outdoor spaces. All of the designs we create are individual and unique, tailored to your particular needs and circumstances. 


Whether you need a partial or whole garden redesign, we offer everything from bespoke planting schemes to fully scaled and rendered 3D designs. Our skilled team specialises in designing gardens of all styles, to varying budgets and sizes. We offer a free consultation and site assessment on our first visit, so if you're interested in any of our services please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Free Consultation

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Full 3D Design

Image by Brooke Lark

Tailored Design Brief

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Virtual Tour

Image by Valeria Fursa

Site Survey


Planting Schemes

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Accurate Masterplans


Effective Partnerships

The Design Process

Free Consultation


Design Brief
Site Survey


Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

The first step begins with a brief questionnaire before we meet, to give us an idea of how you would like to develop your outdoor space. Considering these factors before our initial meeting will effectively guide our conversation and ensure a thorough planning process. 


First Consultation

Then we have our first free in-person consultation where we really get to know you. During this meeting we explain how we work, take basic measurements, and begin to hone in on your specific needs and wishes, as well as the potential budget for the project. 


Design Brief & Quote

Next, we put together a tailored design brief summarising our meeting and outlining the potential look, feel and layout. Once the brief is confirmed and you are happy to proceed, we provide a quotation for the full garden design and site survey.


Site Survey

Then we return to measure up the space in more detail - this time noting soil type and aspect, as well as any features to be retained or removed. We also document any issues that we foresee, at this stage, affecting the work (for example access to the site or existing utilities).

2D Plans



Concept Design

Next, we generate a two dimensional concept drawing of your garden to provide a basic layout alongside images sampling possible materials, planting options and prominent key features.


Second Consultation

Then we take time to meet with you and discuss in detail every feature of the design we are developing; answering any questions and noting any alterations you'd like to make at this stage.


Final Design

After taking onboard all of your feedback, we further refine and develop the plans and send over a final detailed 2D design to scale, for your approval.

3D Design
Virtual Tour

 Final Design 


Fully Rendered 3D Master Plan

Finally, we present you with a fully rendered 3D master plan to scale, including an immersive virtual walkthrough tour of your new garden.


Detailed Planting Scheme

If requested, we will send you a planting scheme with images of the plants we intend to use.  We ensure the plants selected are thoroughly researched and specific to your garden; taking into account the soil type, aspect and style, as well as your personal preferences.


Project Plan

Our experienced team of landscape gardeners can bring your design to life. If requested, we will put together a quote for the full construction of your new garden, including a detailed project plan so you can see exactly how the work will be delivered.

Planting Scheme
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We work closely with owners, architects, designers and developers and are happy for our team of landscape gardeners to implement other garden designs you may have had commissioned, or that you have created yourself.


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