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What to do in your garden this June

Summer is well and truly on it's way and the growing season is in full swing, flowers are blooming and the garden is getting some good use with the lighter warmer evenings. While it seems like a time to just relax and enjoy the work that has been put into the garden over the last few months, some care and attention is still required.

Here are some things to do in your garden this November.

The Flower Garden:

  • Mulch beds with compost. Make sure to water the beds before mulching to help retain moisture.

  • Keep on top of weeds. While your plants are growing well, so too will the weeds, keep on top of them before they get out of hand.

  • Prune shrubs that have finished flowering.

  • Deadhead to encourage prolonged flowering.

  • Remove yellowed leaves from spring bulbs.

  • Apply feed every other week.

  • With the weather unpredictable at best make sure to keep your plants watered if you have particularly dry days, especially young plants.

The Lawn:

  • With the grass seeming to grow quicker than we can cut it mowing weekly is now a good idea and you can lower the setting on the lawnmower.

  • Edge the lawn when cutting.

  • Feed the lawn every other week.

  • Keep on top of lawn weeds.

  • Keep the lawn watered in dry spells.

The Vegetable Garden:

  • Keep your crops watered, this is a recurring theme, try to use water from a water butt to give your plants the best nourishment.

  • Harvest crops that are ready.

  • Harvest early potatoes at the end of this month.

  • Plant out sweetcorn. Be sure to plant in grids to ensure pollination.

  • Check for cabbage white caterpillars under the leaves of your brassicas.

  • protect brassicas and carrots with a fine mesh netting.

  • Thin gooseberries for larger fruits.

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