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What to do in your garden this April

With the cherry trees in bloom, and the bees bumbling around their blossoms once again, it's safe to say that Spring is well and truly underway... and with the arrival of Spring comes a whole heap of jobs to do around the garden.

Here are some things to do in your garden this April

The Flower Garden:

  • Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors

  • Prune and tie in climbing and rambling rose

  • Increase watering for houseplants

  • Feed hungry shrubs and roses

  • Divide bamboos and waterlilies

  • Divide herbaceous perennials

The Lawn:

  • Mow when necessary to maintain a consistent height

  • Sow new lawns or overseed bare patches from mid-April to early May

  • Repair bumps and hollows by peeling back turf and removing/adding soil before replacing

  • Neaten and repair the lawn edges by using a half-moon cutter or spade

  • Keep weeds under control

The Vegetable Garden:

  • Protect fruit blossoms from late frosts

  • Start to feed citrus plants

  • Prune fig trees

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