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Things to do in your garden this May

It is late spring and after a dry April the cold and dark of winter feels like a faint memory and summer finally seems within our grasp. The plants are in prime growth, spring flowers are finishing their beautiful blooms, perennial plants are coming back strong and seeds that we have panted are showing promise. We can really see how our gardens will look this summer.

Here are some things to do in your garden this May

The Flower Garden:

  • Keep on top of weeds and pests. It is prime time for pests like Aphids and Scarlet Lilly Beetle, keep on top of them now for maximised blooms in summer.

  • Keep your plants watered, especially young/ freshly planted plants.

  • Deadhead spring bulbs. Leave the foliage until it has turned yellow.

  • Continue feeding growing plants every 1-2 weeks.

  • Keep tying in climbing plants and tall perennials.

  • Now everything has started growing you can look into filling any bare areas with more plants. remember to keep new plants watered and fed and they will reward you, more plants = less weeds.

The Lawn:

  • Keep it mown to a medium height, it will be prime growing time this month.

  • Feed your lawn with a spring/ summer feed and possibly a weed/moss killer and feed.

  • Weed the lawn and overseed any patches this may leave.

  • Keep the lawn watered at least 3 times a week. We recommend doing all watering early morning or late evening to avoid scorch

The Vegetable Garden:

  • Harvest early crops, the hard work is starting to pay off.

  • Transplant any winter brassicas that you have started indoors.

  • Protect carrots from carrot fly with a fine mesh netting.

  • Make sure to keep everything watered.

  • Tuck straw under Strawberries to protect the fruit.

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